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PNR STATUS - पीएनआर क्या है? IRCTC

Full form of PNR 
Full form of PNR  is passenger name record. It tell us the latest seat berth status of passenger. It also tell us details of passengers like seat no, coach number. Mainly its very important when your ticket is not confirm i.e. in waiting list. For waiting list or rac passengers, irctc pnr status might change to confirmed in future if other passengers on this trip cancel their journey. Train PNR status also tells the origin station, boarding point, destination station, travel class, quota and charting status. Once final chart is prepared, the indian railway PNR status live freezes and does not change after that.  it is shown as Can/Mod for passengers who have cancelled their trip before journey. 

How to find  PNR number in my ticket?
For online tickets booked on irctc, your 10 digit PNR number is there in the top row  and also find PNR on top left if you book ticket from IRCTC Reservation center.

How to check PNR status?

How to check PNR status

You can also check your PNR status on CRIS maintained Indian Railway website or on irctc website a day, third party websites are also check PNR status also.

Other sites

According to my choice.
Trainman site is best for checking PNR status as it also tells us probability of confirming ticket also with status.

Basic Terms used in IRCTC

PNRPassenger Name RecordGive detail of ticket
WLWaiting ListAll seat booked,wait for cancellation before journey
RACReservation Against CancellationGet half seat/travel with copassenger on single seat
SLSleeper ClassNormal reservation class
3AAC 3 TierAC coach without curtain
3 EAC 3 Tier EconomyAC coach without curtain
2SSecond SittingAC coach with curtain
FCFirst ClassAC coach without compartment
2AAC 2-Tier Sleeper
1AFirst Class AC
GNGeneral Quotacheapest ticket in train
DFDefence QuotaOnly for Armed forces
CKTatkal QuotaUrgent bases ticket expensive than normal
SSTravelling Alone Female abv 45yrs / Sr. Citizn Quota
LDLadies Quota
HPPhysically Handicapped Quota

For more query regarding PNR status , Comment us below about your problem facing during and after reservation. 

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