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SPOTIFY premium account id and passwords free ACCOUNTS


If you are a music lover then surely you will know many platforms to listen songs of your favourite artists. Among all the music streaming platform that exists, the most popular is Spotify, were the most top rated artist share their music.
However Spotify has two plans, free and premium: The basic plan allows you to listen any song or artist but with audio ads and limited skips on songs, while the Spotify Premium plan has no ads or restrictions.
The premium price is $9.99 per month, definetly not worth if you don’t listen a lot of songs. This is why we will share many Spotify Premium accounts username password 2019.

Free Spotify Premium Account & Password 2019

The reason of why Spotify is so popular it’s because most of artists are present in there, plus you can create playlists easily. One of the most loved features of this app is basically the facility to find new music based on your interests or by selecting a category.
The free plan has strict limitations compared to the premium suscription, first of all, on the free plan you can only skip 6 tracks per hour, and when these are used it will play random music from the playlist you are. This may be annoying for many users.
spotify accounts for free
Spotify Premium users love the hability to download songs to your phone, and listen it on offline mode, without internet. If you keep reading we will give you a Spotify premium account username and password, and some tricks that may be useful.

How to get a Free Spotify Premium Account & Password?

There are many ways to get a working Spotify Premium Account Username for free. Most of them require some time, we will show the methods here, but if you want to save time, just access our list of Spotify premium accounts.
If you consider the Premium subscription expensive, then this tutorial is for you. If paying 9 bucks montly isn’t a problem then we recommend supporting Spotify and their artists.

Searching on the web

One of the tricks to find accounts is searching on the web search engine, you can find there many accounts, however not all accounts listed on the top position websites may be working. The reason is that probably these accounts were taken by other persons.
person searching on the web
We recommend searching for the term spotify free accounts and filter by date on google, this will show you the latest results indexed with the most fresh accounts. It increases the success of getting a working account.
Another tip is to keep checking on websites that update their lists frequently, and use one of the accounts shared. On our website we update our list with fresh accounts every week.

Login with Username and Password

After you found several websites with lists of accounts now you need to prepare to check which ones work. To do this open your web browser on your computer and be ready to copy and paste.
spotify premium login free
Scroll down to find the list with free spotify accounts (login and password)
We recommend using your computer to do this because it is faster to try to log in many times than mobile. Collect all the accounts and start copying and pasting then click login on spotify website.
Probably most of accounts will not work, but eventually you will find one working with all the Premium functions unlocked, this is why is very important to keep checking on websites that update their content.

Listen Music Without Limits

After you have found a working Spotify account, log in on your mobile and start enjoying all the features. With time you will see how cool it is, and what’s the difference between the free account and the premium.
If for some reason your account stops working, just repeat the process again. Or you can compilate many and replace them when one is not working.

No more ads

With spotify premium account there are not ads, something to be thankful because on free plan it is disturbing when you are listening to music and suddently your music stops because an ad.
adblock for spotify remove ads
No need to worry anymore about ads, now with spotify premium account username and password 2018 you can list all the music without ads and unlimited skips.

Unlimited Skips

The free spotify version was limited to 6 skips per hour, but with premium you can skip unlimited times, and select individually the music you want to listen to. Even you can listen the same song again and again.

Offline mode

Spotify is an online platform, however with premium you can download songs on your device and play ir everywere without being connected to the internet, this means you can play songs also on airplane mode.
 Updated accounts:

Free Spotify Premium Accounts List & Passwords 2019

We have many accounts to share with you, most of them have been recently created, find username and password. The list we compilated is below, all you need to do is just login.
foxxwof87@gmail.comchiron-3January 2019
jasongarci4@gmail.com7171jasonJanuary 2019
nancythomasin@yahoo.ind7kh93mzJanuary 2019
bobbybrownkk@yahoo.combbbkk1982January 2019
arta.kj@gmail.commichelle123January 2018
razergameryt@gmail.comminecraftproxJanuary 2018
clairesmith95@outlook.combearlove95January 2018
snakewarriorla@gmail.compiterpiterJanuary 2018
dylancastro_@hotmail.comdylanmusicJanuary 2018
Our accounts are being updated every week, but the accounts on the tables are not all we have. If you want to access +1000 spotify premium working accounts you can access below press OPEN:

As you may know, spotify accounts can be used by many persons at the time, we contacted users who have premium and requested their login credentials. Just access our full list, most of the accounts are working.

Spotify Premium Account Generator 2019

Have you ever heard of a spotify username and password generator? We created one, but, you may wonder how it works?
As we mentioned before we own a huge list of Spotify premium accounts and passwords, but there are accounts on our list that are just being used by other persons. Here is where the generator helps picking a working account from the list, without having to access it.
Just click generate and in 5 seconds you will have the login credentials composed by email and password. Copy and paste the details to access the premium account.
  • Open the generator

Open our online generator you can find on the open button. It’s quite easy, the page will load super fast since it is light-weight.
  • Press “Pick Spotify Premium Account”

Just click on the button that says “Pick Spotify Premium Account” and the generator will start checking the accounts of our list.
  • Copy and Paste Username and Password

After the process, that takes around 5 seconds, you will have an email and password, just copy it and paste to Spotify. Hooray! it works.

Free Spotify Premium Offline

Offline mode allows you to download your favourite tracks to listen later or without internet connection. Perfect if you are traveling or without internet data, all the accounts we provide have this function enabled.
To use it launch the Spotify App and go to a song or playlist, switch on Download on the top right. The full playlist or track will start to download immediately.

Alternatives to Spotify Premium

There are many alternatives to Spotify, most of them have a mobile app to listen the music on the go, we will present here the most popular ones.
  • Youtube Music
  • Apple Music
  • Soundcloud
  • Deezer
  • Google Play Music

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