Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Free VPS/RDP in 5 Minutes

Free VPS/RDP in 5 Minutes :beginner:

1. Go to serveroffer.lt and browse their website for one minute or so until you get a message like this https://i.imgur.com/cy9Dayf.png
2. Answer them nicely.
3. They will ask you on what package you want
4. I choose one of there services, Like I told something like: VDS-10 It's too much, I think VDS-3 or VDS-4 if possible
5. Try with other servers if you want
6. They will also ask for an account, just create it with fake info (fake real info)
7. They will also ask about the OS, I choose a Debian 9 because Windows obligates me to have a Desktop service running and it's a waste of resources
8. You will receive your server details in your e-mail

Note : There Trial Services is Out of Stock Right Now. But This Trick is surely working. :+1:

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